Parish Plan

Parish Plan

Burrator Community Led Plan

In late 2017, the Burrator Parish Plan Steering Group was requested by Burrator Parish Council to deliver community engagement identifying the needs, concerns and aspirations of parish residents. Given the geographical spread and diversity within the Parish boundaries, community-led teams in the villages of Dousland, Meavy, Sheepstor and Walkhampton delivered four discrete but inter-related consultations. Centrally reporting to the Steering Group, and guided as to robust engagement methodology by Devon Communities, each team delivered findings that were collated in an overall report. Using recognised methods, meta-analysis on the combined findings identified a series of shared interests and objectives, which were worked into a tangible Parish Action Plan reflecting the priority needs of residents. It is important to note that, while the organic nature of the community-led engagement was time consuming, it was informed by up to date methodology and process. This was interrupted in early 2020 by pandemic lockdown measures, but post-lockdown discussions confirm that the issues have not changed, and the Action Plan remains prescient in 2021. The Report and Action Plan is therefore now submitted for formal adoption by the Burrator Parish Council.

The Parish Council have resolved to formally note the findings of the Community Led Plans for Burrator.

Parish Action Plan  and Objectives 

Dousland Community Plan

Meavy Community Plan 

Sheepstor Community Plan 

Walkhampton Community Plan