The Beacon is published quarterly in March, June, September and December and delivered to all homes in Burrator Parish which covers Walkhampton, Dousland, Meavy, Sheepstor, Hoo Meavy and Lovaton.

Business are able to advertise in the Beacon at the following rates:

                              Single Issue                  Four issues                Sixes in mm (approx)

1/6 page            £12.00                              £30.00                            30 x 130

1/3 page            £20.00                             £60.00                            60 x 130

half page          £30.00                             £90.00                           90 x 130

full page           £48.00                             £144.00                         180 x 130

All prices are subject to VAT.  Invoices will be rasied by the Parish Clerk upon receipt of your booking and will be payable upon receipt.

Adverts should be submitted to the Editor preferably electronically i.e. as a word document or if this is not possible, a clear black and white paper copy is acceptable.

The Editor is Mrs Karen Batson, 10 Blackabrook Close, Walkhampton PL20 6JF Tel 01822 855030 email