Here, we have detailed a few walks that have been walked by Parish Councillors over the years.  If you would like to share any routes with us, please do email the Clerk at and we will display them on this page.  Please note that the Parish Council hold no responsibility for persons walking these routes, they are merely suggestions and each walker is responsible for their own safety.


Burrator 046Meavy to Dewerstone Rock Circuit  This walk takes approximately 2.5-3 hours to complete at an easy pace, for approx 4.5-5 miles.  Start at Meavy Village Green (SX541672) outside the Royal Oak Inn.  From Meavy Green take the road to Meavy Lower Bridge then the footpath up to Lovaton.  At Lovaton take the path to the right and continue through Durance Farm up to the road.  Turn left and so a short way to Disused Pits (now used for fishing).  Pass round to the west of the pits then head south across Wigford Down to Dewerstone Rock.  Here you can either turn back along the same route or walk around the western edge of Wigmore to Urgles Farm.  The follow the lane north.  At the crossroads go straight on and a short way after the cattle grid take the path to the right down past Callisham Tor.  Cross Lovaton Lane and proceed past Callisham Farm back to Meavy Green.


Meavy to Ringmoor Down Circuit Takes approximately 2.5-3 hours at an easy pace for 4.5 miles maximum.  Start at Meavy Village Green (SX541672) outside the Royal Oak Inn.  Proceed left to Lower Meavy Bridge and take the footpath to Lovaton.  Proceed through Lovaton and take the left turn for Watery Lane.  On reaching open moorland head west, passing by New Park and continuing on for Brisworthy Plantation.  Just beyond the plantation, track accross the moorland to a stone circle and on west to Ringmoor Down Stone Row.  Follow the stone row north and take tracks north west then west to pass south of Ringmoor Cottage.  Cross the road by Ringmoor Cottage and take the path downhill back into Meavy Village by Marchants Cross.  Go accross the ford or the bridge and take a left by Meavy School heading back for Meavy Village Green.


Cadover to Dewerstone Circuit This walks takes approximately 2.5-3 hours at an easy pace for approx 4.5 miles.  Start at Cadover Bridge (SX555646). From a car park walk west through a gate to take a tack on the south side of the River Plym.  You will soon notice a damaged clay pipe along the track.  We will follow this pipe down the remains of a clay works at Shaugh Bridge.  Continue on this path where you will gradually get much higher above the River Plym.  Cross a stream, where the clay pipe is replaced with cast iron and enter into North Wood.  Comming out of the woods, continue downhill keeping to the pipe track to the remains of the clay works.  Take the path to the right (not the road) and come down the steps to the car park.  Proceed over the River Plym footbridge and go left to take a path alongside the River Meavy.  Eventually this path moves away rom the river and climbs uphill to Dewerstone Cottage (now a scout centre).  Turn sharp right onto a level path and after a short while turn sharp left up the steep incline of an old tramway.  At the top turn sharp right along another level path, going past two quarries.  Going round to the left, work your way uphill and onto Dewerstone Rock.  The return to Cadover is north east along the southern edge of Wigford Down.

Burrator 031Norsworthy Bridge Circuit Takes approximately 2.5-3 hours at an easy pace for approx 4-5 miles.  Walk through the Norsworthy Plantation to Leather Tor Bridge.  Turn left to go uphill to Devonport Leat.  Walk along the leat through Stanlake Plantation and on towards Black Tor.  Take the Aqueduct over River Meavy and climb alongside Black Tor Waterfall.  Follow the leat around Raddick Hill as far as Crazywell Pool and Cross.  Take the bridleway back down to Norsworthy Bridge.

We hope that you enjoy these routes.  Please do share with us your favourite walks that could be displayed on this site.  At the same time, if you find any of routes obstructed in any way, please do let us know so that we can inform the relevant authority.